Sep 18, 2012

Edge World Ceramic Scissors for Cutting Fishing Braid and Line

Edge World Ceramic Scissors

Edge World Fishing 5.5" Ceramic Scissors saltwater ocean braid line cut blade


Simply the best fishing Braid cutting scissors around!  Genuine Edge World Ceramic Scissors effortlessly cut through braid like butter and NEVER binds up!  Also great for paper, mono and fluorocarbon lines. The ceramic blades never rust and never need sharpening. This is the only scissors you'll need for your tackle box!  5.5in overall.

- 2.5in Ceramic Blades set to an optimal 81 degree cutting pitch
- Braid & Mono cutting blades
- Rust Free design with blades that NEVER need sharpening
- Ergonomic 'Sure-Grip' Composite Handles
- Blades are safe to the touch and have safety rounded tips

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